Welcome to Over The Moon Pizza:

Outdoor artisan pizza at your event. Usually you go to a building to get some, not here, we come to you. We set up there, and soon will be making delicious pizzas on site for you and your event. We really enjoy the look on people’s faces when they see there is pizza outdoors. It is a change from the usual hot dogs and hamburger routine. Imagine the beautiful outdoors with a slice of pizza, now that is different! Contact us at (757) 717-4792 for more information.

To make your event unique, give us a call. Again, “Who doesn’t like pizza?” It will be something to remember.

To provide you and your outdoor event a great pizzeria experience on site. We strive to be the best for you and your event.

We have been in the catering business for years. We do more than just pizza, we can offer you other catering services to hundreds of people for you fast! Just contact us to find out more.

What Customers Are Thinking:

Love Pizza!
Love the outdoor factor!
Like it Hot and Fresh!
It's unique to eat outdoors!

Welcome To The Over The Moon Pizza Site: Meet Our Team

Mark Mezzy


The Happy Pizza Crew

Service With A Smile

Our onsite staff may vary due to additional events going on during peak periods. One thing is for sure, they love to do this, serve you!

Some Of Our Happy Customers: